Providing opportunities so you can dominate.


Giving you the opportunity to be a leader.


Helping you sharpen your game.


Taking you to the next level.


Dedicated to bringing the best out in you.


Keeping you ahead of your competition.

  • Perform.
  • Lead.
  • Focus.
  • Rise.
  • Excel.
  • Think.
  • Who We Are

    Founded in 1985 by attorney Richard L. Katz, KMG Sports Management is one of the nation's leading sports management companies, representing clients worldwide. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the firm has represented over 500 premier athletes and coaches from across the professional sports spectrum. We have successfully secured contracts worth over $250 million in the past five years alone.
  • Our Promise

    Our promise is a commitment to doing whatever it takes to help our clients reach their highest level of personal and professional success. We have developed a comprehensive management structure which takes into account every aspect of the pro lifestyle.
  • Connect With KMG

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