KMG is fast becoming a major player in Worldwide Soccer. While Soccer has been a major staple in International sports arenas around the World it is now a new frontier in American sports entertainment. It is rapidly approaching acceptance in the US as another major professional sport in America alongside Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and Major League Hockey.

KMG is leveraging its 35 plus years’ experience in the Global representation of professional athletes and coaches into the world of professional Soccer. Having established a Soccer Division, KMG offers a broad range of contacts in the US and internationally to assist its Soccer clients in reaching their goals.

With Benjamin Schiano spearheading KMG Soccer as its Director of Operations, KMG has brought on board the exclusive services of George Lamptey who will serve as KMG’s Director of International Soccer operations – Africa and Winston White, who will serve as KMG’s Director of International Soccer Operations – the Caribbean and Europe.

KMG’s overseas partners and KMG’s Directors of International Operations provide KMG with worldwide contacts, expertise and experience. These relationships, along with KMG’s 35 years of quality and unmatched personal service, enhance KMG’s ability to provide quality services to American and International Soccer Player’s and Coaches.

The combined business, legal and soccer expertise gives KMG unmatched, valuable assets in its efforts to become a Worldwide leader in Soccer representation providing its Clients opportunities to advance their careers and to compete at the sport’s highest levels.

Services provided to its Clients include:

• Negotiation of professional Player and Coach contracts;
• Player transfer agreements;
• Identification of US and International Player and Coaching opportunities for US and international Clients;
• Assistance with transcontinental moves;
• Off the field personal advice and assistance;
• Draft training and strategy;
• Mental coaching;
• Media advising;
• Endorsement and other marketing opportunities;
• Financial and tax planning assistance;
• Legal assistance from KMG attorneys who have over 50 years of combined experience.
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