Bob Huggins has been donating his win bonuses to cancer research

West Virginia Coach Bob Huggins has an interesting clause in his contract, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. Every time the Mountaineers men’s basketball team beats Kansas, Huggins gets a $25,000 bonus. With the team’s 85-69 win on Tuesday, that means Huggins has earned an extra $100,000 during the last four seasons at WVU thanks to a revised contract and his team’s four consecutive wins at home over the Jayhawks.

While one could buy a lot of luxury goods with that kind of cash, Huggins has chosen to use his money for a more altruistic cause. He’s been donating it in the name of his late mother to fund cancer research, according to SB Nation, which cited an interview Huggins gave to ESPN’s Andy Katz.

Huggins, who set up the Norma Rae Huggins Cancer Fund in 2003 after his mother died of colon cancer, is the likely beneficiary of the money that, strangely, Huggins didn’t even realize he was entitled to under his contract.

When Huggins was first asked why a win over Kansas earned him an extra $25,000 in 2012, he answered, “You’ll have to ask my attorney because I have no idea,” according to the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

“It was honestly an afterthought,” Huggins’s attorney Richard Katz later told the Gazette-Mail. “It was not Huggs. It was definitely requested by me in the negotiations. I don’t know what else to tell you other than it was done at the end of the negotiations.”

To date, Huggins’s cancer charity has raised $1.35 million, according to So while the No. 2 Jayhawks might still be smarting from the 18th-ranked Mountaineers beating them — again — at least they know there’s some good coming from their pain.

Bob Huggins