Mike McConnell

In 2014, McConnell came back on the full-time schedule for WLW. He currently hosts the 6A.M. – 9 A.M. morning slot.

Mike McConnell joined WGN Radio in August 2010 and was heard weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

McConnell previously hosted middays for WLW-AM 700 in Cincinnati, one of the country’s most respected radio stations, for 25 years. He also hosted the nationally syndicated “Weekend with Mike McConnell” for seven years. Known for his quick wit and common sense approach to discussions, his show features a broad range of topics from in the news social issues to the oddities of everyday life. “I play it down the middle. If you’re too far on one side of the middle, you’re missing half the show,” says McConnell of his style.

McConnell grew up outside of Philadelphia and attended the University of Dayton before starting his radio career in Cincinnati.