KMG Announces eSports Division!!

Cincinnati, OH

May 30, 2018

KMG announces creation of eSports Division.

eSport requires a unique skill set to be the best; ranging from strategic thinking under pressure, to reflexes and muscle memory, to a combination of both. The eSport agency you choose should have a unique skill set as well, one that can help you achieve your best.

Here at KMG Sports we have the skill set to help you negotiate your contracts, build your personal brand, secure marketing opportunities and support you to excel both in your chosen eSport game as well as in the community. We connect eSport athletes to fans to grow loyalty and attract new business. No matter if you are already in esports or looking to invest in esports, KMG Sports can help you.

We have over 75 years of experience representing the most renowned athletes and coaches in the world. During that time KMG has negotiated over a quarter of a billion dollars in contracts for our clients.

Receive the respect you deserve. We represent the best athletes in the world and that is you.